Friday – Jan. 24

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”3/3″]1:00 pm – Friday Triple Play  Eventbrite - Friday Triple Play[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”1/3″]Visions_web255[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″] Visions
Written and Directed By: Justin Pugh
A former pastor is convinced he is living during the apocalypse, and has abandoned humanity to live off the grid in a remote desert to await the rapture. His paranoia, prejudices, and emotions flare when he receives a young visitor who is on a quest to find a loved one.[/cryout-column] [cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”3/3″][/cryout-column][cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/3″]Film Still from Camino: Journey to Santiago[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]Camino: The Journey to Santiago
Written and Directed By: Matthew Nothelfer & Alicia Wszelaki
A documentary film about hiking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage that has in recent years gained renewed interest. It’s an impressionistic film that presents an easy narrative of the journey, and what it is like during its modern revival.[/cryout-column] [cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”3/3″][/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width=”1/3″]Film still from Rose, Mary, Time[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]Rose, Mary and Time
Written and Directed By: Hardeep Giani
Barney is married – unhappily. He lost the love of his life six years ago when she was murdered. Through the magic contained within a clock he inherits, and with the help of an old Indian shopkeeper, Barney finds himself back in time, with the opportunity to save her… but life isn’t always as easy as that.[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”3/3″]2:45 pm – Threatened: The Controversial Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter  Eventbrite - Threatened: The Controversial Struggle of the Southern Sea Otter[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”1/3″] Threatened_255[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]Written & Directed By: Bill Wisneski
After being brought back from the brink of extinction, sea otters are once again in peril. An unprecedented number of Sea otter mortalities have occurred along the California coast in the last three years. Like crime scene detectives, a team of scientists are anxiously searching for the causes of the mysterious deaths. For a fragile species threatened by pollution, infectious diseases, starvation, and competition with fishermen, this is a crucial time for the Southern Sea Otter, as they struggle for survival.[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”3/3″]6:30 pm – Double Feature  Eventbrite - Double Feature[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”1/3″]The Trouble Man_web[/cryout-column] [cryout-column width=”2/3″]The Trouble Man
Directed by: Peter Hermes
Written by: Nick Hermes & John Selvidge
A rollicking detective comedy set in present-day Los Angeles, The Trouble Man follows the misadventures of Fick, a self-styled throwback to the hard-boiled noir era who works as a private detective to support his semi-delusional literary aspirations. With more brawn than brains, Fick bluffs and stumbles his way through L.A.’s seedy underbelly as he takes a case from a prisoned inmate serving time for art forgery.[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”1/3″]Film still from The American Failure[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”2/3″]The American Failure
Directed By: Ameenah Kaplan & Said Faraj
Written By: William S. Stephens
A film that unravels the demise of Carlos Alias, a prestigious lawyer caught in a web of deceit and corruption at the hands of a ruthless drug cartel. Two Undercover Detectives, along with their Lieutenant are on a fast paced and tenacious cat and mouse chase to track down millions of dollars extorted from the mob while Carlos Elias tries desperately to stay alive.[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”3/3″]8:00 pm – Mzungu (.n) White Wanderer  Eventbrite - Mzungu (n.) White Wanderer[/cryout-column]

[cryout-column width=”1/3″]Film still from Mzungu[/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width=”2/3″]Directed By: Shane Gilbert
Mzungu is the journey of four American college students who set out to save-the-world. It’s is a story of personal sacrifice, adventure, and ultimately the power of love and community. Witness the great joys and perils of Africa through the eyes of four young, naive, and unassuming American youth on their crusade for purpose. In a time when global issues rule the media, this documentary is a glimpset into a once-in-a-lifetime journey that turns into an entire world of friends working together for change.[/cryout-column][/cryout-multi]

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